A Golden Opportunity

Photo: Technical University of Loja     Has God ever surprised you so completely with the answer to your prayers that you were speechless? That is just what happened to us after praying for several months for doors of opportunity to open for us here in Loja. Late afternoon one day last August, I was literally on my bed praying about several needs we were experiencing and also praying that God would give us clear direction in ministry when the doorbell rang. It was my neighbor asking if I would be willing to teach her children English. It seemed so obvious that this was God’s way of meeting my immediate need that I said yes. For several months I taught English in our home and got to know our neighbors better. Then, my neighbor asked me if I would be interested in teaching English to some people that she works with. I said yes, not knowing what a golden opportunity it was that she was offering me. As it turned out my neighbor, María Isabel and her colleagues not only work at the The Technical University in Loja, one of the most respected Universities in Ecuador, but they are teacher trainers for new professors at the University. One thing led to another, and now Jeff and I are both teaching classes at the UTPL (Private Technical University in Loja). We daily rub shoulders with some of the most talented and influential people in this part of the country. We teach English to students who will one day have a great influence on their society. I am speechless with Joy and gratitude for this new adventure.  – Terri

Universidad Técnica de Loja

Universidad Técnica de Loja

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