Ministry Overview

Through short-term missions experiences, God led us into cross-cultural ministry and gave us a love for Latin America, where we served as missionaries for 14 years. In May of 2012, after almost five years serving in ministry in the U.S., God led us to serve in leadership development with SIM in Loja, Ecuador.

We are very much enjoying life and ministry in Loja. Since we served in Ecuador before, it was like returning home for us. Also, we are working primarily in the area of leadership development, which was the focus of our ministry for most of our 13+ years in Ecuador before.

Loja is known as the “Forgotten Province” of Ecuador, because less than 1% of the people know Jesus as their Savior. We are working alongside Ecuadorian church leaders in the Loja area, equipping them to more effectively reach out to those who need to experience the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To find out more about how you can partner with us to see lives in the “Forgotten Province” of Loja transformed through a relationship with Jesus Christ, click on Partner With Us in the menu above.

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