Pray For Us

Here are our praises and petitions as of July 5th, 2021:

It has been a joy to visit with many of our ministry partners in Mississippi during the past few weeks. We look forward to seeing more of you in this area before we head back up to Alabama on July 31st..

Abby’s 4-week intensive course with Ballet Magnificat began last Saturday, July 3rd. This course will keep her very busy until July 31st. It has encouraged her to make new friends here in the metropolitan area of Jackson, MS. She plans to stay here and to continue studying at Ballet Magnificat’s School of the Arts. She would appreciate your prayers as she adjusts to life in Jackson.

Thank you for your prayers for Kaitlyn as she adjusts to life in Alabama. She is grateful to have a job, but continues to look for employment related to her studies in psychology.

We are also thankful to the Lord and to several generous ministry partners for one-time support that has been sent to our ZMission account since our last prayer update. This financial support has helped cover the shortfall in monthly support as well a good portion of the one-time needs we mentioned in our last update. Please pray for God’s provision of the support we still need to raise by August 31st:

  • One-time Support: $12,500 to cover airfare, upgrade to a newer vehicle, and other ministry needs.
  • Monthly Support: $1,500 to replace support discontinued during the past few years. This seems a little overwhelming, but if we can increase monthly commitments by $200 each week, we will reach our goal.

If you would like to partner with us in ministry through financial support, please click on the following link: Financial Support. Thank you!


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