Support Breakdown

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The most recent budget that our ZTeam has established for us, as of March 2021, is $7,053/month.  The following is a breakdown of this amount as well as descriptions of some of the line items:

Salary 2,600 
Housing Allowance 400 
Education 800 
Housing Reserve 100 
Travel Reserve 100 
Life Insurance 70 
Retirement 300 
Self-employment Tax 811 
Health Plan 600 
Health Reserve 400 
Administration 552 
Ministry 300

Housing Reserve: This portion is set aside each month to cover extra housing expenses during our next home assignment.

Travel Reserve:  This portion is set aside each month to cover travel costs for our family’s home assignment in the U.S.

Health Plan:  We have Christian Medi-Share in case of a medical emergency.

Health Reserve: This will be used for regular medical checkups and a reserve to cover the Family Portion for Christian Medi-Share, in case we have a medical emergency.


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