Support Breakdown

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The standard cost of living SIM has established for a family of five working in Loja is $6,242/month.  The following is a breakdown of this amount as well as descriptions of some of the line items:

Salary 2,600
Housing Allowance 400
Education 100
Home Assignment Housing Reserve 175
Current Retiree Assistance 85
Admin – Sending Office 500
Assistance to Home Staff 125
Admin – International 90
Admin – Field Office 53
Passage Reserve 300
Medical Insurance 1,025
Retirement 403(b) 250
SECA Tax 539
Total $6,242

Administration & Services:  This includes many things, such as…
– Receipting for all donations.
– Resources to help us share our vision and the vision of SIM
– Help in navigating the world of visas, passports, and other legal aspects of international travel and living.
– Team training and consulting on the field.
– Member care.
– Operating expenses for seven international sending bases and an international headquarters office.

Passage Reserve:  This portion is set aside each month to cover travel costs for our family’s home assignment in the U.S.

Medical Insurance:  This includes premiums for medical, dental, and vision.  It also includes medical emergency evacuation insurance in the event that any of us needed to be evacuated to a country with better medical care in an emergency.  Co-pays and deductibles are paid out of our salary.

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