Visiting Vilcabamba

Picture: Streets of VilcabambaThe last two weekends we’ve had the privilege of visiting two churches in Vilcabamba, a small town 45 minutes outside Loja.  It is a tiny little town nestled in the Valley of Longevity with perfect weather.  Tourists come from all over the world to experience great weather and a small town charm hard to find elsewhere.  Many people come to recover their health and to enjoy a slower pace of life.  I must say that Vilcabamba is one of my favorite places to visit.  Our kids have had the opportunity to go horseback riding there a couple of times, and Jeff and I found a vegetarian restaurant we like there.  Picture: Juice Factory Restaurant VilcabambaMy favorite place, though, is the Juice Factory located right on the plaza.  Kind of a health food nut haven.  Just my kind of place!  After church we got some green smoothies at the Juice Factory to drink on the way home! Mmmm GOOD!


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