Madrina for a Day

Kaitlyn as madrina of her Conservatory sports team

Kaitlyn as madrina of her Conservatory sports team

It was a sunny April afternoon at the Conservatory of Music here in Loja.  All the students were in formation to march parade fashion around the campus. Some were in their sports uniforms, and others were dressed formally. The military band was there with all their regalia playing patriotic music. The atmosphere was like a carnival or parade. There was a table of judges and dignitaries viewing the students as they all marched in and formed lines according to their class section and age. They even had some athletes make a symbolic run around the soccer field and light a torch just like in the Olympics. Kaitlyn was elected to be the “Madrina” for her class. Being a “Madrina” is a bit like being a homecoming queen. It was a fun day and an opportunity to learn that the kick off for a small sports program can be a big thing in Loja!

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