Abby with Guitar October 20, 2013

Since we’ve been in Loja, I have finished one year at the conservatory of music, taken voice lesson and now I am taking guitar lessons.  I recently learned to play and sing one of my favorite songs by Jamie Grace:  “Hold Me”.  Now I am working on:  “God Girl.” I have Gym, Art and Logic classes on Fridays at the missionary kid school and Science on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I stay pretty busy busy.  The thing I most like about Loja is that it is a small city and I have lots of friends.  I see someone I know almost everywhere I go.

Picture:  Abby making friends on the Medical Caravan

October 14, 2012

Our family went on a medical caravan in August, and while they were working, I got to play with kids who came with their parents to see the doctors.  We were in three different towns in three days.  I made lots of friends, and learned lots of new songs and games.  Here I am with some of my friends.  I don’t think you can have too many friends whether they are people or animals!

Photo:  Abby Skating

June 2012

Since we arrived in Loja Ecuador I’ve kept myself busy with fun activities.  We live on the second floor of a four story building.  I only have to go up two flights of stairs to attend the missionary kid school where I attended creative writing class, P.E. and art until classes ended the first week of June.    I also take speed skating lessons on week days if it doesn’t rain.  I have made lots of new friends and I love my new home.



Image - AbbyMarch 2012
I’m Sarah Abigail Rains, I’m 9 years old, and I love to read.  Right now I am reading “Betsy’s River Adventure” which is a part of the Sisters in Time series. The book is about a girl named Betsy and her family who are moving west from Boston to Cincinnati, Ohio.   Because Betsy has trouble making new friends she doesn’t want to go to Cincinnati and she doesn’t want to leave her best friend Mary. If that wasn’t bad enough, her annoying cousin George and his equally annoying dog are coming along on this trip.  Check out this book to find out how Betsy’s faith helps her on the  journey, and what her new life in Cincinnati will be like.

September 2011
I’m Sarah Abigail Rains and I am 8 years old. I got to swim a lot during the summer so I swim pretty good. I enjoy home schooling with my mom. I like the “Little House” book series and am reading “Little House on the Prairie” at the moment. I like computers (especially doing math on the computer) and cell phones, and my mom says I have waaaaay too much energy!


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