Light Has Come

Image - Hallelujah Light Has ComeAs I was driving to work one night in November, I heard a song that thrilled me with its harmonies and helped me start the Christmas season off right. The lyrics of the chorus reminded me what an awesome event it was when God laid aside His divinity to be born as a helpless baby. His coming brought light and hope.*

This is the dramatic part of the movie, if you will, when the hero comes on the scene to bravely battle all the forces of evil and to save the day. This is when the tide of evil is turned and our Savior comes to our rescue.

Truly, history reads like a fascinating novel, full of deception, tragedy, love and loyalty.  We re-live the suspense and drama of history at Christmas as we celebrate the glorious moment when our Savior stepped onto the stage of human history to bring light and hope to all mankind. How tender that He chose to come as a helpless babe, and how ironic that this babe would defeat the powers of sin and death that held us so tightly in its grip.

Hallelujah! Light has come; A Savior who will set us free.


* To listen to the song, click here.

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