Raw Pie?

Image - Raw Key Lime PieI couldn’t believe how good it was!  This week we shared a meal with some friends.  I made Key Lime Pie for dessert… and ohhh, was it good!  Our friends couldn’t believe it was completely raw and healthy.  It was a combination of the following recipes: Raw Key Lime Pudding and Zesty Macadamia Nut Pie Crust.

I have been on a plant based diet for eleven months now, and it amazes me how delicious whole, natural foods are.  My daughter, Kaitlyn, is helping me change our favorite recipes to new, improved, out-of-this-world healthy ones.

At a conference I attended March 7-9, I was challenged to offer my body as a living sacrifice by pursuing excellence in my eating habits.  God showed me this is my spiritual act of worship.*  I struggle in this is an area of my life daily, but it excites me to discover new recipes and to make improvements, little by little. I am amazed that God has created so many wonderful plants to help us in our journey. He truly does satisfy my mouth with good things (Psalm 103:5, KJV).


*Romans 12:1-2

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