Unexpected Convenience

Photo of Terri at the marketYou would think that only having one large supermarket in a city of almost 200,000 people would be a problem… but it isn’t.  The city of Loja, Ecuador has hundreds of small shops that sell everything from A to Z and then some.  There are shops called “mayoristas” where grain, legumes, nuts, spices, and pastas are sold in bulk.  There are produce markets the size of some malls with piles and piles of every fruit you can think of and every vegetable known to man.  What a beautiful sight to see the myriad of fruits and vegetables with their vibrant colors all in one place! You can also buy flowers, freshly ground coffee, meat, fish, candy, clothing, pots and pans, housewares and shoes at the market.  And while you are there you can have some lunch, get your hair cut or polish your shoes.  Not everything in Ecuador is this easy or convenient, but when I’m frustrated with city traffic, sick and tired of paperwork and delays in my schedule, it is encouraging to go to the market and enjoy some simple pleasures and conveniences.

Que viva Loja!


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