The longer I serve Him, the sweeter He grows

Photo: Hovdas TeachingWe were so glad our ministry partners Doug & Maureen Hovda were here in Loja and could attend the couples’ meeting at our church on September 21st.  When the couples heard the Hovdas had been happily married and serving the Lord together for over 56 years, everyone paid close attention as they shared five key ingredients for a successful marriage.  Afterward, our pastor shared how God had used the Hovdas to speak to him about the importance of:  (1) taking time to listen as God speaks to us in our time alone with Him, and (2) committing to pray together daily as a couple.  We thank to Lord for using the Hovdas that evening to impact the lives and marriages of many people at our church.

Photo: Hovdas - Special MusicWe enjoyed introducing the Hovdas and translating for them as they shared their testimony and special music with several groups both in the city of Loja and in rural areas.  The theme of their creatively interwoven testimony was “You Are Never Too Old to Serve the Lord.”  It was obvious from the comments we heard that God used this message to inspire many people to serve Him with excellence.  One song they often sang was The longer I serve Him, the sweeter He grows.  What a blessing to spend time with people like the Hovdas, whose lives reflect this wonderful truth.

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