Pura Vida… On the Air

Terri at fruteria close upI couldn’t believe my ears. I was invited to share on the local christian radio station, “Ondas de Esperanza” (Waves of Hope) about nutrition.  I had been holding classes on nutritional healing in my home for a few months when this opportunity came my way.  The live radio program went well and I was invited to continue sharing each Thursday on the “Aprendiendo a Vivir” (Learning to Live) show.  The very next show the phone calls started pouring in.  The level of interest and the number of callers really surprised me.  Each week people call with questions about how to eat a whole foods plants based diet, or how to make vegetable juices and smoothies.  This has turned into a full time ministry together with my blog: Pura Vida Lojana.  I thank God for opening this door to speak with people about their physical and spiritual health.

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