8th Annual Ladies’ Conference in Loja

8th Annual Ladies Conference in Loja

November 8-9
What a wonderful two day experience it was to attend the only ladies conference in our Province. There were over 500 ladies in attendance both Friday and Saturday night. Saturday morning was a special session of teaching and worship for just pastor’s wives with a Luncheon following. The wonderful thing about this conference was the spirit of unity and great fellowship. The conference theme was “Mother of Nations” taken from Deuteronomy 7 and focused on how God wants to use us as women to bless the present generation and the generations to come. I count it a privilege to be a member of the “Confraternidad de Pastoras” (Fellowship of Pastors’ wives) that hosts and plans events like this one for the province of Loja. If we continue to see unity among believers like we saw in this conference, surely we will bless the nations, and our children after us will be blessed.

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