Raw Pumpkin Pie Brownies

Foto:  Pie de ZapalloThis year it was our privilege to host the Thanksgiving Day meal for our SIM team here in Loja, Ecuador.  It was a beautiful sunshiny day and we had wonderful food and fellowship.  Many people ask me what we, as a family, eat now that we are mostly raw vegans. It was a great opportunity to share this dessert with our friends and colleagues: Raw Pumpkin Pie Brownies.  When people hear that we eat raw food their imaginations kick in with some pretty wild images, but raw food and particularly raw desserts are very easy and use the most simple, natural ingredients.  Best of all, they are healthier and lighter than traditional recipes.  If you would like the recipe for Raw Pumpkin Pie Brownies, click on the link is below:

Raw Pumpkin Pie Brownies

Giving thanks for each of you,

Terri Rains

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